PeppaAI: The DeFi Platform Poised to Overtake Pepe? A Critical Review

:pig_nose: Peppa AI - is fully decentralized and community driven protocol with AI that makes it very easy and secure for you to interact with your tokens in DeFi. We’re creating an entire ecosystem that uses artificial intelligence and analytics to help you manage your assets like never before. You can manage your funds without any risk. Your assets are securely protected by our smart contracts. Multiply your money and use AI technology. Peppa AI isn’t just a meme coin. Now all jokes aside! Let’s take a look at our products and tokenomics!

Our future products:arrow_heading_down:

:white_small_square:Staking - Put your tokens into staking pools to multiply them. Our pools work with AI technology. Different staking pools will be available to you: $PeppaAI, $BNB, $BUSD and others.
:white_small_square:Farming - Become a luqidity provider to earn more $PeppaAI. Create an LP-pair and put it into a farming pool to earn more $PeppaAI tokens.
:white_small_square: Swap - Tokens swap on PeppaAI are a simple way to exchange one token for another via automated liquidity pools on BNB Smart Chain
:white_small_square:Launchpad - An incubator for startups with an emphasis on GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse, and Meme projects.
:white_small_square:P2E - We are creating a runner, with Play to Earn mechanics. Wait for announcements

About $PeppaAI :arrow_heading_down:

Smart Contract: 0xe732d2dAC6aA6a947774d9b6FBBc15910115B9FD

:bar_chart: Total Supply: 420,690,000,000,000 $PeppaAI

:white_small_square:86.5% of tokens will be sent to liquidity pool, LP tokens will be burnt and contract will be renounced.
:white_small_square:0.1% of supply will be used for an Airdrop
:white_small_square:7% is used for staking pools and remaining
:white_small_square:5% will be held in a multi-sig wallet only to be used as tokens for future CEX listings, liquidity pools, and other products in our ecosystem.

No Team Tokens, No fees.
Ownership Renounced.

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